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Dr Christopher Duma is a board certified neurosurgeon specialist serving as chief medical officer in neurooncology division at Sahel oncology LLC. He serves as medical director of Brain and Spine Surgeons of OC and Medical director of the Brain Tumor program at Hoag Memorial HospitalPresbyterian in Newport Beach, california. He also serves as assistant clinical professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, Irvine school of medicine as well as director of radiosurgery for UCI medical centers's department of Neurosurgery residency training program. His affiliations include Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach,  UCI medical center in Orange county,and Orange Coast memorial medical center in Fountain valley. 

Dr Nezami also serves as national and international researcher and speaker, in oncology and epigenetic field.  He has been involved in many research projects, publications, and presentations including publications by ASCO, JCT, JCO, American Association for Cancer Research( AACR), Molecular medicine Tricone and World pharma Congress, as well as peer reviewer for conventional oncology literature. He is a co author of Weil’s textbook for integrative oncology. (2014)

Dr. Nezami is an inventor and innovator and has designed and patented new method of treating advanced cancer, called Modified Multi Molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET). He has over 40 patent applications worldwide. With this method, during the last 10 years, he has successfully treated many patients, mostly with advanced stage four cancer who had failed all other conventional methods. Several cancer institutions, and private oncology centers have already started investigating his method in either preclinical or clinical settings, showing extra ordinary results.

Dr. Nezami has served as principal investigator by NIH, National Institute of Health; and he has been involved with National cancer institute (NCI) in the best case series. Three oncology consultant groups by NCI have confirmed the results in a case series treated by his novel epigenetic therapy.

Dr. Nezami's main areas of interest are Integrative oncology and epigenetic science. He currently consults and trains other physicians and is extensively involved in research and pursuing several clinical trials in this field.

​Dr Duma received his general neurosurgical training at George Town university Hospital in Washington, D.C., followed by a fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian in Gamma Knife radiosurgery and stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. He has been involved in medical research since his undergraduate education, beginning at the Cornell University School of Medicine’s Department of Neuropharmacology and continuing on through his graduate years at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Department of Neurology Pain Service. In 2002, Dr. Duma founded The Foundation for Neurosciences, Stroke and Recovery to provide outreach and assistance to patients with movement disorders. He continues to serve as Chair of the Foundation for Neurosciences, Stroke and Recovery, and remains active in Orange County’s medical community.

His general neurosurgery is performed using state-of-the art neuronavigational computers and he prides himself in being a master of minimally invasive neurosurgery accomplishing better results, by being less invasive and using more powerful, modern tools.Dr. Christopher  Duma is one of the most experienced in his field. In addition, he has been at the forefront of research in immunotherapy for primary brain gliomas such as glioblastoma multiforme, anaplastic astrocytoma, and astrocytomas and is involved with futuristic research in the use of immunotherapy to fight malignant brain tumors. Dr Duma is also interested in combination of his “leading edge Gamma knife techniques” with other modalities of antineoplastic therapies including epigenetic therapy( MTET).

Christopher Duma MD FACS 

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​Dr. Nezami is graduated from USC and UCSF residencies. He has functioned as a faculty teacher during his training. He has been in practice for 23 years and currently is the president of Medical Centers of Hope in California.

M. Nezami MD.