Precision Medicine in oncology
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Company Name

Sahel Glio- Sahel Oncology LLC( Subsidiary)

Executive officers

M.Nezami MD, C. Duma MD, Jeff Cullman

Valuation - Offering

258 M USD ( 2019)/current valuation TBD- 20 M USD

Background, Business Strategy, and Overall Goals:

The company, Sahel Oncology has established a novel concept and team of scientific experts in oncology and has developed related therapeutic products. It was appraised / (estimated value) at 200 million dollars, in 2015, owns several patents approved by US and European patent offices.

The technology ( method) and products have shown superior pre-clinical AND clinical implications in variety of tumors. ( Both solid tumors and hematological cancers).The molecular mechanism of the therapy is unique as it also targets the cancer stem cells, there is no commercially available product for same or similar targets in the market.

The goal is strategic partnership to further develop, manufacture and commercialize products used in a range of cancer treatments, Optionally, a partner could also be a pharmaceutical company with interest in development of combinational therapies.  It is expected that the ideal pharmaceutical partner in commercialization.

MTET, or Multi-molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy, consists of the methodologies and products that are patented ( both composition of matter and the method of use), currently approved by the FDA as orphan drug designation, and candidate for fast track approval. This novel epigenetic treatment protocol can be used alone, or with other existing treatment strategies. FDA has granted Sahel orphan drug designation( ODD) for the treatment of Glioblastoma in 2018.
MTET protocol is consisting a therapy that can modify the transcription of altered genes, dynamically. The therapy has direct antineoplastic effect on chemoresistant cell lines.
The treatment is relatively non toxic compared to any available and effective therapy. The treatment biological response can be monitored through several prognostic survival biomarkers which can positively improve quickly.( in matter of two weeks)
 Sahel is currently involved with FDA for approval of it's related protocols in several stages, human studies( one phase II trial and one phase1b) and designing a phase I/II trial in Glioblastoma. Sahel has conducted significant preclinical studies in experimental therapeutics, invitro and invivo, with measurable and verifiable outcome. Sahel is seeking an investor to assist in the continued clinical study, registration, and commercial launch of MTET.
MTET is currently conducting and further applying for two phase II clinical trials, which are examining the protocol’s application to glioblastoma and solid tumors.
Sahel’s overall goal is to make sure that MTET is accessible to all patients, and wishes to deploy their platform globally in a timely manner.
Ideal partner/ investors include organizations such clinical oncology practices and  further oncology R&D field, with similar goals to Sahel, for engagement in long term relationship all the way to global launch of the therapy.