Precision Medicine in oncology
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In 2009 for the first time, Sahel ( it’s sister entity at the time), started an extensive effort in the laboratory looking at Mick assay to identify apoptosis in cell lines from different types of cancer. From Breast, to lung, Glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer, sarcomas and melanomas, were all tested. At the time it was unknown to Sahel investigators if any of the products they were working on had any direct antineoplastic effect through tumor necrosis or apoptosis. The phone rings from the laboratory director Gary L. from Diatech Laboratory and the conversation starts with an unusual statement from the lab director: “ We have never seen this before.” That was when the results had shown in their laboratory in Canada, where for the first time the tumors that had no sensitivity to the drugs ( chemotherapies used) some had responded beyond belief to the MTET products. Some had more than 1000 times efficacy compared to the traditional first line chemotherapy. The story goes on and on, since then, from simple dish assays to very complicated Xenograft model and ExViVo models, where is matter of 5 days the tumor was completely dead after application of MTET products, these are tumor cells that had ZERO response to traditional drugs and were from the most aggressive types of tumors such as liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Currently Sahel is proud to announce it’s first clinical trial initiation at phase II, a s well as many other stages of development in human ad mice. Hundreds of patients travel form out side the country to arrive at the clinic and receive treatments off trial, Please visit the clinic website: